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From July 13th to 14, more than 40 administrative personnel from SITC International Headquarters, Business Group Headquarters and the domestic and foreign branches conducted a 2 day thematic training at SITC Zhangjiang, Shanghai Office.
Mr. Yang CEO attended the meeting with a detailed explanation of the corporate strategy and system construction in the macroeconomic environment and the training of talents. Zhang Mingjin, the manager of SITC International Finance Center explained the revision and adjustment details of Financial Management Process System in Management System Compilation 2018; the representatives of the branches selected by the Business Groups shared the working experiences with other administrative colleges; at the same time, the Group hired external lecturers for the interpretation of labor law. In the class, participants also actively and effectively discussed the problems in daily work, and the needs of OA system and new HR system.
As an important communication functional department among the various levels in the company, this special training program has deepened the thinking of the administrative personnel for the work. In the future, we will continue to improve the service level and standardization process of the company with a more professional and efficient attitude.

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