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On Oct. 8th, 2018, SITC International held 2018 Semi-Annual Management Review Meeting. Chairman Mr. Yang Shaopeng, Vice Chairman& CEO Mr. Yang Xianxiang, GM of each center of SITC headquarters, Presidents of business groups, and person in charge of each branch attended the meeting.
At the meeting, Mr. Chairman Yang called for strategic remodeling: providing extended value-added services to customers in sea freight logistics, expanding service networks in land-based logistics, carrying out railway transport, extending the industrial chain, and looking for opportunities for acquisition and merger. Mr. CEO Yang Xianxiang analyzed the domestic and international political and economic situation and major events in the shipping industry from January to August, summarized our achievements and shortcomings, and clearly pointed out how we need to deal with the future.
GM of SITC headquarters, Presidents of business groups, GM of SITC Line Japan, SITC Line Thailand, SITC Logistics Huadong, and SITC DINHVU Depot also reported the work focus of the first half year and the work plan for the next stage.
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