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On Nov. 2nd—3rd, 2018, SITC International held 2018 Financial Special Subject Meeting. Vice Chairman& CEO Mr. Yang Xianxiang, Financial Center GM of SITC Headquarters, Mr. Liu Kecheng, and persons and above in charge of Finance attended the meeting.
At the meeting, Mr. Yang CEO analyzed the domestic and international political and economic situation, and the impact of major industrial events on the company operation, finally put forward the future development requirements for Financial Center from safety, innovation, focus and other aspects. Mr. Liu Kecheng reviewed capital management, tax management, and accounting, focused on the next steps combining with the current inner financial management situation.
The heads of each department of the Group Headquarters Finance Center, and persons in charge of Finance of some branch companies reported the work summary of their respective companies/ departments and the work plan for the next stage.
During the meeting, the Group also arranged for the training at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, and invited tax partner of Ernst & Young to interpret the major changes in the implementation of the new tax law.
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