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On the afternoon of December 18, SITC, Hisense and EXIT held the signing ceremony of the joint logistics company of South Africa (SITC LOGISTICS (PTY) LTD) in Qingdao.
Zhou houjian Chairman of Hisense Group, Lin lan Vice President of Hisense Group, and related personnel; Yang shaopeng Chairman of SITC International and related personnel; MR Guy Edri Chairman of EXIT company, attended the signing ceremony.
The establishment of JV company in South Africa marks a new milestone in the cooperation between SITC and Hisense. It is also an important practice for both side to respond to the national “One Belt And One Road”. It will lay a new foundation for further development and cooperation in the future.
In the future, the South African joint venture will focus on the integrated logistics service in South Africa and African Group. We will make full use of the mutual advantages of the three shareholders, Hisense has market share and brand influence, SITC has advanced and efficient logistics operation system, as well as EXIT's transnational experience, to build an international advanced integrated logistics company.

Leaders and Participants

Hisense International Marketing General Manager Liu xin and SITC Logistics President Lai zhiyong signed a contract

Hisense International Chairman Zhou and SITC International Chairman Yang exchanged gifts

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