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On the evening of January 19, 2020, around 21:00 hours, one of our company's ship "SITC SURABAYA" navigating in the waters of Zhangzhou, Fujian province, under the command of the MSA , as well as the joint efforts of the company and all the crew, successfully rescued 10 Burmese crew members of the ship "LIAN FENG18" in distress, overcoming difficulties such as strong winds and high waves and severe cold weather.
"SITC SURABAYA" promote the international humanitarian spirit, resolutely implements the "people-oriented" corporate purpose of SITC , and successfully rescues 10 Burmese crew members in distress in the extremely harsh environment, which reflects the good professional quality of SITC fleet and crew members. The crewmembers’ quick and effective response reflected the professionalism of the ship and shore.
It is our obligation to rescue at sea, and the successful rescue of the Burmese crew by the Chinese crew fully reflects the friendship between the Chinese and Burmese peoples and also shows the good spirit of the SITC crewmembers.
SITC fleet and our crew will, as always, continue to work hard to promote the "Belt and Road" mutual development and achieve common prosperity of the national strategy to make due contributions.
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