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2020 is destined to be an unforgettable year for everyone. It is not only spring that accompanies the new year, but also a new type of corona virus that we humans have never encountered. Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, SITC has been paying close attention to the development of the situation, while striving to fight the epidemic with the people of the country, while maintaining the best interests of customers and providing reliable services. All SITC people practice this philosophy in our posts.

Work outdoors, serve customers anytime, anywhere

Affected by the epidemic situation, office buildings in many places are restricted from entering and exiting. In order to ensure that customers can change D/O and handle other business timely, we temporarily arrange for customers to exchange D/O on the open space in front of the office building.

This mode of order exchange provides customers with convenience, saves a lot of time, and implements customer-oriented policy.

Temporary D/O change site of SITC Line Ningbo Branch

Temporary work site of SITC Line Qingdao Branch

Temporary D/O change site of SITC Line Lianyungang Branch

Order change without contact of SITC Line Shanghai Branch

Special events, special handling, opening up fast emergency channels for imported anti-epidemic materials

At 21:20 on February 5, 2020, MV Dongfang Qiang berthed at the Tianjin Terminal, and the eight containers loaded on board the vessel successfully implemented the "zero-wait" "shipside delivery" operation. This batch of goods is the raw materials for medical epidemic prevention and imported by Shijiazhuang Fourth Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. from Taiwan. In order to ensure the timely availability of epidemic prevention materials, Tianjin Customs, Tianjin Tally, Tianjin Port Group and Tianjin Foreign Agents have given great assistance. Our company also develops green corridor, and special support is provided on relevant documents to ensure the smooth progress of shipside straight operation. Responsible for fulfilling missions, and fully support epidemic prevention work.

Provide customers with multiple transportation solutions to ensure the smooth shipment of goods

In order to prevent and combat the epidemic, various provinces and cities have promulgated policies for the passage and restriction of container trucks. Trailers have become the bottleneck of customers’ shipments of goods. SITC actively develops railway and feeder service to replace trucking and solve customers’ transportation problems.

A project of F1 racing circuit ex Shanghai to Haiphong, due to the impact of the epidemic, drivers cannot go to Shanghai to pick-up empty container. SITC helps to transport empty containers to Wuxi by railway. After shipper stuffed the containers, the full containers then moved back to Shanghai by railway, which guarantees the delivery time of the customers.

Considering the inconveniences of customers, SITC local offices have adopted various soft service measures to maximize the convenience of customers’ paperless work and reduce personnel contact. On the one hand, some businesses are handled centrally through online booking and other methods. In addition, the process of adjusting business procedures such as changing the original B/L to surrender, changing destination, issuing the original bill of lading, and providing the guarantee letter is to change from on-site processing to remote processing as much as possible and simplify the middle required processes and materials, and special treatment in special periods, fully reflect the flexibility and professionalism of SITC.

SITC always adheres to the principle of customer first, and will work together with all customers to overcome difficulties and achieve victory in epidemic prevention!

Pray that the epidemic will soon pass, and look forward to early spring bloom.

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