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From September 22, 2020 to 24, 2020, SITC International Holding Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Immigration Inspection Station of National Immigration Administration jointly came to Sanjiang County of Guangxi Province to carry out a series of poverty alleviation and assistance activities themed with "Employment +". Zhang Pengfei - Secretary of Party Committee and Head of Waigaoqiao Sub-station of Shanghai Immigration Inspection Station, Liu Hu - Deputy Director of Poverty Alleviation Office of Shanghai Immigration Inspection Station, Yang Xianxiang -  Vice Chairman and CEO of SITC International Holding Co., Ltd., Xiao Senyuan, Vice President of SITC Shipping Group and General Manager of SITC Ship Management (Shanghai)Co., Ltd. and Zhang Tong – President of Shenzhen Heshi Charity Foundation participated in these serial activities.
On September 22, 2020, the lineup of our working panel came to Sanjiang County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau to hold once communication and coordination conference on further reinforcement of "Seafarer Cultivation & Seafarer Export", as well as deployed specific publicity work around recruitments of seafarers of SITC International. At the conference, SITC International Holding Co., Ltd. introduced its background, the existing advantages of seafarers' jobs therein, as well as specific job requirements and welfare benefits in details. In addition, it also expressed its willingness to provide conveniences for a batch of labor forces from Sanjiang County and offer necessary maritime educations and seafarers’ vocational skill training, as well as providing necessary supports for these labor forces to obtain related seafarer professional qualifications and subsequent enrollments and registrations by law in both political and systematical levels.

On September 23, 2002, the lineup of our working panel went to Sanjiang County Fulu Miao-minority Township Government to participate in "Appointment with 3 Seas -- Love Materials Donation & Mid - Autumn Festival Condolence Ceremony Jointly Sponsored by Waigaoqiao Immigration Inspection Sub-station of Shanghai Immigration Inspection Station of National Immigration Administration and SITC International Holding Co., Ltd., to donate various printers, refrigerators, washing machines, smoke exhaust ventilators, quilts, table tennis tables and other urgently-needed office and life supplies, as well as cultural and sports materials to the villages and primary schools fixedly supported by Shanghai Immigration Inspection Station for effectively solving various pressing questions of cadres and teachers residing in these villages. Besides that, it also gifted totally 50 boxes of moon cakes to local government and the teaching support police therein and sent their sincerest greetings to them in this festival. With its sincere hearts of returning the society, SITC International further explored and investigated the sustainable development of Dongzhai Miao-minority Township, as well as stayed realistic and pragmatic to make every effort to improve the educations and living conditions in poverty-stricken areas!

On September 24, 2020, SITC International kicked off once on-site recruitment conference in Sanjiang County for promoting employments in poverty alleviation work. Yang Xianxiang –Vice Chairman and CEO of SITC International Holding Co., Ltd. gave a speech on recruiting retired servicemen to hold on-board positions. And all the retired servicemen participating in the conference showed strong interests in the recruitment policy from our company, as well as raised various questions on site. And for these questions, SITC International gave corresponding answers consecutively. At the conference, more than 10 retired servicemen also expressed their willingness to get these positions.
Besides that, SITC International and Shanghai Immigration Inspection Station jointly carried out a series of employment & assistance work for creating more labor-force-employment transfer channels, vigorously promoting employment and poverty alleviation work in Sanjiang County, as well as constantly achieving new results and achievements therein.

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