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From October 6 to October 10, 2020, the warriors of SITC International followed Xuanzang’s footprints and traveled westward through Yadan, Gobi, mountain and river. They pursued their dreams with sweat and pace, and set foot on the future with perseverance and faith, and completed the 88 km long journey together.

The starting point of the Gobi hike is broken city, six industrial cities for camping, windmill array, and the end point is baidunzi. The rich landform and intoxicating autumn on the Gobi not only bring visual enjoyment, but also test every member of the team. In the face of thorns, sand, potholes, saline alkali land, long road, unexpected pain, the heart constantly talks with the body, the will is tempered again and again, and every step after insisting on not giving up is more stable and powerful. But no matter what the result is, as long as we surpass ourselves in the process, it is the biggest victory. Sunlight is energy. Your energy is beyond imagination. Gobi is a field that can stimulate people’s infinite potential, and it is also a fertile land for the seed of "team" to take root and grow vigorously.

Walking alone is a disease, and many people are far away. During the 3-day walking, we can see the figure of helping each other everywhere. Before stepping into this uninhabited field, we are colleagues, and more often, we perform our duties. After the journey to the Gobi desert, we are friends who have heard of each other’s feet, teammates who have seen each other’s strong and weak faces, and comrades in arms who are hand in hand and hand in hand. Do not abandon, do not give up, when the five teams of SITC International won the "Shackleton" trophy, the highest honor of the team, is the best evidence of the cohesion of SITC.

Three days and two nights, SITC people use their feet to measure the depth of the desert Gobi, accompany with the wind and sand, speak with their hearts, and hone each other with their friends. Although their footprints will be buried in the sand, their sincere friendship, faith in running to the goal and the joy of breaking through themselves will not disappear. Gobi hiking harvest is not only a journey experience, but also precious spiritual supplies and links. After a long journey to the Gobi, you can achieve success through hardships and hardships. The curtain of the expedition has come down, but I believe that the thoughts are still fermenting and the harvest is still growing. The strength in walking will encourage SITC people to continue to hang cloud sails in the field of shipping and logistics and ride the wind and waves!

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