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SITC Shipping Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Pass the DOC Annual Audit

SITC Shipping Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. completed DOC annual verification from 29th to 30th June,2022. The auditor group from CCS comprehensively reviewed the running of SMS and ship-shore management according to the International Ship Safety and Pollution Prevention System ( ISM Code) and gave a high appraisal of the excellent performance that gained from entire staff with the difficulty of fleet expension and complicated shipping routes. The company in PSC Tokyo MOU is a high performance company. No major non-conformity was found and ship-shore activities basically met the requirements of the SMS and international conventions. Also CCS auditors proposed valuable suggestions and comments on document records and management details.

SITC Shipping Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. passed the DOC annual audit successfully after two days verification.

2022.6.30 上海海丰船舶管理有限公司DOC顺利通过年度审核.jpg