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Naming & Delivery Ceremony for M/V “SITC SINGAPORE” Held Successfully

On January 15, 2021, the naming ceremony of M/V “SITC SINGAPORE” was successfully held by SITC International Holdings Co., Ltd. (SITC International) and YANGZIJIANG Shipbuilding Group Ltd (YZJ Shipbuilding Group). Mr. Xue Mingyuan, Executive Director of SITC and President of SITC Shipping Group, Mr. Xiao Senyuan Vice President of SITC Shipping Group, Mr. Ren Letian, Chairman of YANGZIJIANG Shipbuilding Group, Mr. Wan Jian, President of Jiangsu Maritime Vocational and Technical College, Mr. Namekata Ryo, General Manager of Nippon Express East Asia Region Forwarding Headquarters. Mr. Xiang Datian, Shanghai Regional Director of Hong Kong Shipping Registry, Hong Kong Government's Shanghai Brokerage and Trade Office attended the ceremony.

At the ceremony, Mr. Xue Mingyuan, President of SITC Shipping Group and Mr. Ren Letian, Chairman of YZJ Shipbuilding Group both stated that under the background of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the two sides promote each other and develop together, always maintain a close and good cooperative relationship. Mr. Wan Jian, christened the new vessel for “SITC SINGAPORE”, and Ms. Sun Hongxia, Godmother of the new vessel was invited to break the champagne, blessing her with safe sailing and full-loading all the time.

After Delivery, the new vessel will join SITC fleet soon, providing much better service to SITC customers.