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Briefing of alumni entrepreneurs sharing meeting of Shanghai Maritime University

Mar 20th 2021, “UNIMEX”alumni entrepreneur Salon of Shanghai Maritime University was successfully held in Qingdao. Responsible comrades of Shibei District government and relevant departments of Qingdao ,SITC International and more than 50 representatives from related enterprises in port and shipping logistics field attended the activity. This activity adopts the combination of "Online + offline" and carries out live broadcast through the network platform, attracting more than 1600 people to watch and interact.

Yang Xianxiang, vice chairman and CEO of SITC International, visiting professor of SMU and director of education development foundation, was invited to share the theme of politics, economy and shipping for the first guests. CEO Yang Xianxiang deeply analyzed the reasons for the current booming shipping market, summarized and analyzed the influence of politics and economy on the shipping market with vivid cases, solid theories and rich experience, and actively responded to on-site questions and online messages. The atmosphere of the activity was warm and wonderful.

CEO Yang Xianxiang was met by Zhang Xinzhu, Secretary of Shibei District Party committee, Zhang Yongguo, deputy secretary and head of Shibei District Party committee, and Zhang Yuanming, deputy head of Shibei District, and visited Qingdao Research Institute of SMU.Accompanied by Chen Jia'er, deputy director of the president's office of SMU and deputy director of alumni liaison office, Liu Jie, director of education development foundation of SMU, special vice president of Qingdao Research Institute, President of Shandong Alumni Association and chairman of global rapid transit group, Chen Haibo, special vice president of Qingdao Research Institute of SMU and Secretary General of Shandong Alumni Association.