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The First Electric Stacker in Malaysia was Successfully Delivered to SITC MALAYSIA DEPOT

On 10 November 2023, the 1st Electric Stacker in Malaysia was delivered to SITC MALAYSIA DEPOT and a Ribbon-Cutting ceremony was successfully held to mark the memorable moment. Chairman of Port Klang Authority, Mr. Ean Yong Hian Wah; Vice Chairman and CEO of the Board of SITC International Holdings Co. Ltd, Mr. Yang Xianxiang; and other leaders, representatives from the shipping companies were invited for the ceremony.

During the ceremony, Mr. Ean Yong highly praised SITC for leading the trend of the times, taking the first step in Malaysia’s depot industry towards green and intelligent development. CEO Yang provided a comprehensive introduction about the SITC’s intelligent depot during the presentation and expressed anticipation for further collaboration in automation with Malaysia ports in the future. SITC International has set a long-term goal to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2060. The adoption of electric stackers and the development of intelligent depots are crucial steps for SITC International in realizing its zero-carbon objectives.

The electric stacker was independently developed and designed by SITC Shanghai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Brought into operations, it will significantly reduce carbon emissions, enhance operational efficiency and service levels, while lowering labour costs. This will effectively safeguard the health and safety of employees, contributing to a win-win situation for the government, clients, employees, and other stakeholders!