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SITC Logistics Group Network—Shanghai,China

SITC Logistics Co., Ltd.

Company profile

SITC Logistics Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of SITC International Holdings, Co., Ltd. With its extensive domestic and global coverage, advantageous geographical location and one-stop logistics capabilities, their high-quality, safe and efficient services and solutions can be tailored to meet individual customer’s need.

Scope of business



SITC is committed to customer-driven and provide professional integrated logistics services, such as JAPAN FBA.

Contact information

Address:9F, Above the Bund Square, No. 948 East Daming Rd, Shanghai, China

Postal Code:200082

Contact Person: MS.He

Office Tel: 86-21-51163008



New Sitc International Shipping Agency (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd

Company profile

With rich experience of many years for agency service, we have successfully expended our business to Tianjin, Qingdao, Rizhao, Lianyungang, Shanghai,Taicang, Fangcheng. We are always try our best to find best agency services and solutions for our customers.

Scope of business

1. Vessel’s inward and out ward formalities, piloting, berthing, stevedoring

2. Marine survey, vessel’s repair and fumigation ,cleaning and washing of the cargo holds and supply of bunker, freshwater, provisions, stores, spare parts delivered on board and so on.

3. Chartering, purchase/sale and signing charter parties and sales contract on behalf of the entrusting party. Cgo declaration and transshipment

4. Signing B/L and other related documents, caculating and collecting freight, settlement of dispatch money demurrage

5. Marine casualty, salvage, and other maritime affairs

6. Replacement, repatriation and medical treatment for crew members

7. Soliciting, booking, cargo storage, customs declaration and transshipment

Sincere service

The agency network, “one station style” agency service

Contact information

Address: 9 Floor, Above the bund Plaza, NO.948 Dong Da Ming Road, Hongkou District, shanghai City.P.R.C

Postal Code: 200082

Contact Person: David xu

Office Tel: 86 21 51164382


Bright Logistics(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.

Company profile

Bright Logistics is a joint venture established by Maersk and SITC in 2004 in Wai Gao Qiao (WGQ) Port area, Shanghai. The company provides customer-specific logistics service for various goods and customer requirements, provides warehousing, depot yard and transportation for many international customers with convenient, efficient logistics solutions.

Scope of business

Warehousing, container loading / unloading, container repairs/maintenance, stuffing / un-stuffing services, materials processing and distribution, land transportation,  storage of containers, consolidation; freight forwarding for import and export cargo through sea /  land / air transportation, international exhibition, personal cargo and territory pass-through cargo, including services such as cargo seeking, booking, freight consign, warehousing, transfer, stuffing/un-stuffing, expense settlement, document declaration for customs checking, insurance and related freight consultation business.

Sincere service

Export LCLImport cargo unloading, Container storage, EMR, PTI, Container

repair,New container checking, GOH, Heavy goods loading

Contact information

Address: NO.382,Shangfeng Road, Pudong New Area,Shanghai.China

Postal Code: 201201

Contact Person: Miss Lin

Office Tel:86-021-58583010



SITC Container Maintaining(Shanghai)Co.,LTD.

Company profile

SITC Container Maintaining(Shanghai)Co.,LTD. was invested by "SITC Logistics" and established on February 2, 2018. With advanced yard facilities, skilled technology and strict enterprise management, the company provides high-quality, safe and efficient service for shipping companies and customers.

Scope of business

Container storage,maintaining, transfer, cleaning and repair;DAIKIN Freezer technical guarantee and refit;Emergency repair of dock,inspection and maintenance of empty containers in the dock.

Sincere service

Freezer technical services, box maintenance and unit maintenance.

Contact information

Address: No. 2188, gangjian Road,Pudong New Area, Shanghai,China.

Postal Code: 200137

Contact Person: Ms. Zhang

Office Tel: 86-17316392902




Brief introduction

SITC intermodal transport was established in April 2019, as a professional subordinate company of SITC. Its business scope covers sea-rail, sea-land, sea-land-rail, rail-land intermodal transport business in China, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia, Mongolia, Central Asia and Russia. Based on the principle of good faith and pragmatic attitude, SITC intermodal transport seeks the best way, the most economic transport mode and the highest time efficiency to provide customers with professional, efficient multimodal transport services and logistics solutions! Good service has been recognized by customers and established a good relationship of cooperation!

Business introduction

Railway containers for overseas: the railway containers are loaded at inland stations, then they are carried to sea port by railway and loaded on board directly for over seas.

Advantages: sufficient containers store, cost saving, reducing cargo damage, one container for the whole logistics supplying chain.

China's import and export combined sea rail transport: involving Japan, Korea, major ports in Southeast Asia and China's Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Henan and other inland areas

Cross-border sea rail transport: Southeast Asia - Xiamen – Russia; Japan and Korea – Tianjin/Lianyungang – Mongolia; South East Asia – Lianyungang/Qingdao - Central Asia

Contact Information

Address: 2nd Floor, Building 30, No. 1388, Zhangdong Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Telephone: + 86-21-38965208

Fax: + 86-21-38969099

PIC:  Zhao Wei

Mobile: + 86-13916356967




Company profile

SITC COWIN SUPPLY CHAIN LIMITED was established as a joint venture between “SITC Logistics” and “Guangzhou Cowin” in 2019. The company takes coil steel container transportation services and steel industry full services as our main business, and jointly builds a “SITC COWIN” supply chain brand company. We focus on coil steel customers, provide them with upstream and downstream full-chain service support, in order to build an influential steel supply chain service platform.

Scope of business

coil steel container leasing, maintenance, and sales services; coil steel logistics agency services; warehousing business; international transportation agency and related consulting services for the import and export of goods; trade agency; road cargo transportation agency and cargo inspection agency services.

Sincere service

mainly engaged in the export of coiled steel, providing bulk carrier transportation, dry container reinforcement and special container transportation services

Contact information

Address: 30 Building, No.1388 Zhangdong Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, PRC

Postal Code: 201203

Contact Person: Mr. Chen

Office Tel: 020-34401488/021-3896522



SITC Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd.


Company Profile

SITC Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd. is a high-end intelligent equipment enterprise under SITC International Holdings Co., Ltd.,  It focuses on the research and development of intelligent technology for container handling, handling and storage, new energy technology, energy saving and emission reduction technology and intelligent storage yard system integration technology. It is an equipment supplier for container terminals, railway container terminals and logistics enterprises. System integrator and technical service provider of digital storage yard system solutions.

Business Scope

 Container pure electric tractor, container hydrogen fuel tractor, container unmanned tractor, outdoor heavy duty automatic guided vehicle and system (STC), pure electric stacker, pure electric front crane, container crane hydrogen fuel power supply and other equipment, as well as digital port intelligent monitoring software.

Characteristic service

 Guided by the development of national strategic emerging industries, oriented to container terminals and railway yards, based on intelligent container handling equipment and intelligent storage yard system, we will lead container terminals and railway container yards to develop in an intelligent and green direction, and contribute to the national "Belt and Road" strategy.

Contact information

 No.28, Lane 22, Heai Road, Minhang District, Shanghai

Tel: +86-13524525362

Contact: Wang Lan